Sunday, 30 June 2019

I just had to share this with you - a wonderful poem by Sophie Soleil with an illustration by Alastair Riley

"Joie de Vivre" silkscreen by Alastair Riley

L'ombre des hirondelles danse
Sur les murs brûlants de l'été
Mon âme retourne dans l'azur
De ce ciel dense
Lumière pure
Où se déploie l'ivresse
Des parfums en fleur
Des battements du cœur
D'une divine promesse

Sophie Soleil
Le 27 juin 2019


Silhouettes of swifts and swallows
Dance on scorching summer walls
My soul soars high into the deep blue
Of the opaque sky
Pure light, pure joy
Where the heady perfume
Of summer flowers blooming
And the sound of my beating heart
Offer up a promise of love divine.

Original French poem by Sophie Soleil, 27th June 2019 (Translated by Lucy London, 27th June 2019)

" 'Joie de vivre' is an original silkscreen from the studio of Alastair Riley [it was inspired by the desire to teach his son the difference between swallows, house martins and swifts].    The image is shared  here with Alastair's kind permission to illustrate Sophie Soleil’s poem “Mirage”.