Tuesday, 15 March 2016

New Book: The Ice That Melted - The Autobiography of Marc Twaite (ice hockey, fishing, etc ...)

The Ice That Melted is the autobiography of Marc Twaite, the well known International Ice Hockey player and specialist big Carp angler which is to be shortly published by The Little Egret Press.

The first few chapters tell the story of Marc’s earliest angling adventures as well as his rise through the ice hockey ranks, culminating in his success as a professional player and his pride in reaching the pinnacle of professional sports by being selected to play internationally. It also details with brutal honesty the catastrophic injury which curtailed his ice hockey career, and the devastating effect that this had upon Marc’s life and well being, which he describes with his own powerful and poignant words.

The main body of this book details Marc’s carp fishing career, describing first hand the way in which Marc channelled his drive, determination and commitment from ice hockey into being a successful angler in the highly competitive world of big carp fishing. Chapter after chapter details Marc’s extraordinary angling skills and his ability to consistently catch big fish from many of the most iconic waters in the country, which are often under intense pressure from many other anglers. The book is full of full colour photographs of many of the largest and most sought after carp in the UK, with many of the photographs from his own private collection having never been seen before.

Marc is very honest about the fact that carp fishing saved him from the depression which followed the end of his ice hockey career and his story is an inspirational tale of overcoming adversity to find success within another endeavour. It is ultimately a triumph of human spirit and a fantastic read, with Marc’s positive attitude to life in general shining through on every page.

The book itself comprises more than 170,000 words and a multitude of full colour photographs. It is available in the following formats:

Limited edition hardback of only 500 Copies @ £29.95
Special edition hardback of only 25 Copies @£49.00
Luxury Leather Bound edition of only 10 Copies @ £195.00

Each format is available to pre order now at www.l-e-p.com  with the official release expected in April 2016.